Anonymous said: How would a Scorpio (female, Nov. 19) and a Libra (male, Oct. 15) work to make their relationship better? (This is my honey's and my situation. We have some communication issues, trust issues on Scorpio's part, arrogance on Libra's, and a willingness to commit and grow. Also, how could a Scorpio look beyond a mild affair that Libra had and learn to trust again?)

I’ll focus on the trust issues first, as I know Scorpio is already suspicious by nature, and if Libra had an affair it would only add to that. What Libra needs to do to earn his trust once again, would be to constantly show Scorpio their loyalty and honesty. Show regret, constantly re-assure Scorpio emotionally, and offer sincere apologies. Arrogance from Libra will be a complete turn off for Scorpio and will make them get the stinger out, so for this it would be best to have Scorpio lead and help Libra understand the deeper side to things. Misunderstandings and communication problems will arise from Scorpio’s mysteriousness, going against Libra’s open and upfront nature. Both will have to set apart time to discuss, and set boundaries that will make them come to terms. If both are willing to become closer and make it last there isn’t much that can stop you two :) Good luck!